Terms & Conditions - Summary

Storage LicenceOPEN / CLOSE


Upon arriving at the store you will be required to complete a Customer Licence which you will be required to read and sign before you can access your storage room.

A full list of Terms and Conditions from the Guide are available to read in the storage licence link .

Agreement between M-Store and our customersOPEN / CLOSE


We agree to grant you, and you accept, a licence to use and access the room identified as your storage room, on the conditions set out below. We urge you to read these conditions carefully before signing the storage licence. All such conditions will be binding on your signing of the agreement. Without prejudice to the importance of you reading all such conditions please acknowledge that you have read the conditions which are referred to below. This licence shall not create a tenancy or lease or the relationship of landlord and tenant between you and us.

A full list of conditions are available to read in the storage licence link .

Conditions of storageOPEN / CLOSE


    • It is Your obligation to lock and secure the Room; alarm the Room; remove Your padlock upon vacating Your Room; and keep it from unauthorised entry (condition 4)

    • Your obligations as to what you can store and how you can use the Room (conditions 8,9 &10)

    • Late payment charges and other additional charges payable by You for failure to pay on time (conditions 14,15 &16)

    • Our right to sell the Goods in the event of non-payment of Our Fees (condition 18)

    • Your obligation to check that the Room is suitable for storing the Goods (condition 19)

    • We do not insure the Goods. It is your responsibility to have sufficient insurance in place for the True Value of the Goods. MStore provides an option for you to insure under our policy and your branch staff will provide you with pricing. You will be billed monthly with your storage fee for insurance if you select this option. This Condition explains Your obligation to insure the Goods and the exclusion and limitation of our liability. In particular, please note the warranties which you are providing to Us, including that the goods are not worth more than the full replacement value indicated by yourself (condition 21).

    • Grounds for Termination of this Licence, including the requirement to give us seven days written notice (condition 26)

    • Your notification to Us of any loss of or damage to Your Goods within a reasonable time period (condition 29)

    • The purposes for which We may use Your personal data and Your consent to the use of Your personal data for marketing purposes (condition 39)
NB: You will be billed monthly in advance for your fee.

Changes to your accountOPEN / CLOSE


    • You will need to inform us of an alternative contact and details of any authorised person(s) that you wish to give access to your room.

    • You must inform us in writing of any changes to your details, your alternate contact details, your authorised persons or any storage or insurance terms that you wish to vary in the licence.


Insurance DetailsOPEN / CLOSE


    • It is your responsibility to take out adequate insurance while your goods are stored with us.

    • Items placed in self storage are done so at your own risk.

    • We provide optional insurance cover under our policy should you elect to take it.. The insurance arranged by us for actual loss of, damage or destruction to your property is subject to the insurance conditions of this form. Please note that irrespective of whether you take out our insurance cover, our liability for actual physical loss, destruction or damage to your property is limited by the terms of the Customer Licence, also signed by you.

    • We urge you to make sure that you read and understand all of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this policy before signed the storage agreement. In particular please make sure you have read the conditions summarised below, which are of particular importance.

A full list of conditions are available to read in the storage insurance link .

Conditions of Price PromiseOPEN / CLOSE


    • Any competitor quote should be presented to us in writing – a verbal quote is not acceptable.
    • All competitor quotes must be dated within 4 weeks of your move–in date and must be produced within 7 days of move–in.
    • Any competitor quote must be from a competitor located within 5 miles of our store and offering a similar type of storage offer i.e. self storage. (shipping containers, containerised storage or competitors located within another town will not be accepted).
    • Any quote offered by M-Store will be honoured for 4 weeks.
    • The Price Promise rate is guaranteed for a maximum of 24 weeks (6 periods) after which the rate will revert back to our standard rate.\n

      Price Promise not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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