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Top tips for decluttering the office

Top tips for decluttering the office


Many studies have revealed that there is a direct link between our working environment and productivity.


One of the many factors found to affect how well we work is the tidiness of our office. If you’re tripping over boxes every time you walk to the printer or can never find the files you need for example, this will lead to feelings of frustration and anxiety which naturally, is no good for productivity levels.


If this sounds like a familiar scenario, below are some great tips for decluttering your office and freeing up more floor space.


  • Tame your cables. With so many computers, keyboards, printers and phones to plug in, many offices find it difficult to hide and control all the necessary wires and cables. As well as looking very untidy, this also poses serious health and safety issues. There are lots of different cable management tools available which will help you to keep cables out of harm’s way.


  • Involve employees. The only way you’re going to be able to stay on top of keeping your office tidy is by encouraging employees to do their bit. Whether it’s keeping their desks or communal areas tidy, if everyone is helping out it’s much easier to keep mess to a minimum.


  • Use self storage. If you have chairs, desks, printers or any other office furniture that isn’t being used at the moment, why not put them into self storage? This is the ideal solution for companies who may need more or less staff at different times of the year. If you’re particularly busy around Christmas for example, you may need to hire extra staff but when it quietens down you can store any unused work stations away.


  • Use clever storage options. When buying desks, make sure they have plenty of drawers so employees can keep any paperwork and stationary neatly hidden. Chances are that you will need something to rest your printers on as well so rather than opting for a standard table, use a cupboard or drawers so you can store any supplies away. Also try to choose storage which can be stacked so that you can build upwards rather than outwards because this will save a lot of floor space. Shelves are another great storage solution because they don’t take up any unnecessary space and they allow you to keep anything from paperwork and books to decorations and electrical equipment on them.