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How Storage Helps Your business

How business storage can benefit your company


Self storage facilities are typically associated with house moves as they offer a quick and easy solution to those who need to store their furniture for interim periods. However, more and more companies are now starting to realise the benefits that business storage can provide to them whether they are looking for long or short-term solutions.


Security of valuable items


If a company owns any stock that is particularly valuable, they may be worried about the security of these items - especially if potential burglars know where they are kept. With a storage unit, nobody knows who is storing what and therefore companies can feel more at ease that their stock is safely and securely locked away with state of the art security systems. 


Storing documents


Chances are that almost every company will accumulate thousands and thousands of documents as they continue to trade throughout the years.  Whilst it is necessary to keep contracts, invoices, accounts and any other official documents, after a while it can become a struggle to find places to keep them. Taking this into consideration, a lot of companies choose to keep previous years' documents in business storage. This means that they can keep everything they need without cluttering the office and most importantly, have access to it at any time they need it.


With all excess documents, stock and furniture safely stored away, businesses can continue to focus on other important aspects of their business without the worry of the security of important documents or lack of space.


Downsizing your company


It is a sad fact that over recent years many companies have had to downsize their premises in order to survive. Whilst paying less rent on a smaller building can save a business thousands of pounds every year, it will come as no surprise that it is near impossible to comfortably move everything from a bigger area into a smaller one.


Rather than trying to squeeze everything into a limited space, business storage allows companies to hold on to their excess stock and office equipment off the premises so that everyone can work in a safe and clutter-free environment.


Expanding your company


Whilst some companies have had to face downsizing, others have been lucky enough to find that they are continuing to grow and therefore need more space. Buying or finding the right premises to rent can be a timely affair and therefore having a storage unit can be the ideal solution if new stock or office equipment needs to be ordered in the meantime.


Extra storage facilities


Even if a company isn't looking to move buildings, they may find that over time their office has become crowded with computers, desks, printers and stationery. Similarly, shops may find that their stock rooms are being over-taken with seasonal items that can only be sold at certain times of the year. Whilst these are all items that will be required in the future, it can be a hassle trying to find somewhere to keep them until they are needed. Business storage allows companies to keep these items neatly packed away until they need to get them out again.


M-Store offers self storage solutions for all your domestic, business and specialist requirements. To use the space calculator, find your nearest store or view our special offers, please visit our website.